Holistika Tulum
Boutique Hotel & Wellness Center Tulum, Mexico

Let's get mystical!

Luxury in the wilderness

Featuring a Hotel, A Restaurant and a Community Center with the best Yoga Classes, Wellness Services, and the healthiest food, Holistika is the favored place for adventurous travelers, business people and couples on a romantic vacation.

  • Holistika Tulum luxury hotel

    Book your stay at holistika and experience the mystic lands of Tulum.

  • Tierra Holistika Vegan Restaurant Tulum

    Conscious and Healthy eating to nurture your body.

  • Yoga Shala Tulum, Meditation and wellness Center

    Start your personal transformation journey with the best daily activities.

What you seek is seeking you

Experience a deep transformation. Heal your body through therapeutic healing arts. Achieve balance in your life with the best yoga classes and reconnect with your highest self through transformational workshops.

A Place for Healing and Exploring
Holistika Tulum

Located in the middle of the jungle, Holistika offers all the benefits that being surrounded by nature provides. In conjunction with all its spaces, yoga classes, daily activities, and magical people and teachers, it is the perfect place to disconnect and reconnect with your soul.    

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Holistika Tulum

Wellness and retreat Center Tulum

Vegan restaurant and tacos tulum

Yoga classes and wellness activities tulum

Temazcal, cacao ceremony Tulum
Sound healing and wellness therapy