All of a sudden, when you thought you’ve seen everything, you find a big round door. And if you dare to enter into the unknown, there it is: a magical oasis in the middle of the Mayan jungle.

This place is for those who are looking for something more than just a vacation, because the true adventure of traveling is not going to different places, but observing your world with a new set of eyes.

Amongst the hundreds of trees, animals, aluxes and peaceful roads, this natural sanctuary welcomes you to a world where everything is possible. EVERYTHING.

Located just a few minutes away from Tulum beach, in the heart of the jungle, this retreat center is the ideal refuge to find a new perspective on your life or to communicate with your interior self and to explore rituals and holistic activities that will help grow your spirit.

Here, time stops, your energy is aligned with the energy of the nature, and you start to see a change. All the healing and manifest potential exists within you, you just need to give it space to be free.

In Holistika, the mornings are to be grateful to the sun, the afternoons were made to meditate and during our nights, the fire illuminates those who gather around this spiritual sanctuary.

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