The talent and abilities of one person could awaken another human being. The universe gave us all different capacities and abilities and it trusts in our sense of community to get together and share our knowledge with others that are looking to develop their internal self.

We believe no one is here randomly, we all learn from everyone. The meditation center provides a fantastic opportunity for artists, workshop leaders, yoguis and any enthusiast that is specialized in holistic activities, to share their work, and in return we will give lodging and food to those who like to provide knowledge to the visitors of this magical destination in Tulum, Mexico.

We are looking for you!

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Karma Work Testimonials

After living in Holistika I never saw the world in the same way anymore. I came back tothe big city but the perception of everything had just changed. Its impossible to explain with words the things I became aware of but its priceless. If anyone wants to find who they really are I couldn’t think of a better place.

Irina / USA


Working at holistika for the karma work exchange program was a great experience. for one month i was hosting our Ashtanga Yoga Students who came from all over south america. During my karma hours every day, I enjoyed it to get sure the students and theteacher had everything they needed, from preparing the you shall before the classes, to assisting the team in the kitchen and helping with the gardening, there was always something new to learn. I am very grateful that holistika offered me to be part of all the Ashtanga-Yoga classes and special events such as Sound Healing Therapy and a Temazcal Ceremony. Holistika is a unique place in the jungle of Tulum. with this experience I can say I would always love to come back!

Julie / Germany

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