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When two or more people gather with the same objective, energy resounds with a stronger intensity. This is the belief behind our community and it is the reason why we created the ideal place for you to organize the event of your dreams.

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African Dance & More.
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We believe that nature is not fought with comfort. Waking up here is a wonderful experience.

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In Holistika, the mornings are to be grateful to the sun, the afternoons were made to meditate and during our nights, the fire illuminates those who gather around this spiritual sanctuary.

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Natural Restaurant



With a fresh and tropical vibe, our vegan restaurant is the meeting spot for our guests, the neighbors in Holistika Village and some adventurers that get lost around the jungle…

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From Our Heart (Blog)



In Holistika we love sharing, from our dreams and ideas to experiences and news. It is important as a community to be in touch and know that we are on the right path.

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